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Located in Rolleston, we can provide you with a highly personalised service with New Zealand trained dentists for your peace of mind. We also employ a Dental Hygenist.


Tracy Haggerty

Graduated 1994 from University of Otago NZ. Practiced as a oral maxillofacial House Surgeon in Christchurch Hospital before setting up in private practice here in Christchurch. First at the Palms Dental Centre and now at the Rolleston Dental Centre. Tracy practices all aspects of Dentistry including a large following of patients requiring intravenous sedation and complex surgical procedures. We try to be community minded here at the Rolleston Dental Centre – we sponsor a pair of budding NZ cyclists and various community activities.


Daniel Fozard

Daniel graduated from the University of Otago.

He works both in Palms Dental and Rolleston Dental Centres.

He is a very popular well skilled dentist who is proficient with Intravenous Sedation and all aspects of Dentistry.


Nicholas Hendra

Graduated from the University of Otago, and was “snapped up” by the Rolleston Dental Centre, where he has grown to be a very well liked Dentist with a very kind and gentle nature. He works both in Palms Dental and Rolleston Dental Centres.

Known for taking his time and producing impressive crown, bridge and implant work.

Nicholas also speaks multiple languages.


Am Limchalerm

Am graduated from the University of Otago New Zealand also.

Am joined the Palms and Rolleston Dental Centres and has practiced with us since her graduation.

Am is extremely capable, conscientious and has many strengths including fabulous extraction techniques and reliable dental work.

She also speaks many languages.



Li Ying graduated from the University of Otago and joined both

Li Ying Jin

Li Ying Jin

Palms and Rolleston Dental Centres since her gradation.

Li Ying enjoys all aspects of dentistry with special interest in oral

surgery. Li Ying is gently and effective.

She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and can relate to patients well.


Elizabeth graduated from the University of Otago and works in Rolleston and Palms Dental Centre.

Elizabeth is gentle and supportive to her patients and provides a pleasant and supportive environment.

She is fluent in Korean.

When not working Elizabeth likes to relax, listen to music and enjoys skiing in winter.

LYN ADLER –  Dental Hygenist

Since graduating from the University of Otago with a Diploma in

Lynn Adler

Lynn Adler

Dental Hygiene, Lyn has spent over ten years in practice.

Lyn loves her job, is passionate about oral health and always does

her best to offer her patients all the guidance and support they

require in a caring, relaxed environment. She specialises in

cleaning and scaling teeth and treating gum problems. Lyn also

likes to assist her patients to do better with their own oral hygiene

at home ensuring good regular habits.

When she is out of the practice she enjoys the outdoors and

such activities as mountain biking, running, walking as well as

keeping fit at the gym.


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